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2018-74: Treatment program getting Grip on Anger and agression (Call 2018-74)

Target group

The program is suitable for clients with a mild intellectual disability with a treatment need in the area of ‚Äč‚Äčaggression (prevention, reduction). The condition is that the client has an indication for at least one year of clinical treatment or 30 weeks of ambulatory care. The specific inclusion and exclusion criteria are described in the programme guide.

Treatment programme for aggressive (criminal) behaviour

The Grip on Aggression (GoA) program focuses on reducing and preventing aggressive (criminal) behaviour and increasing the client's skills in recognising and dealing with tension that leads to aggressive behaviour. Next tot his, the program provides guidelines for the daily support of clients with aggression. The program can be given in an individual format as well as in a group format. 

GoA consists of seven modules, which are offered together but can also be used as individual interventions if desired. Each module includes 'homework assignments' to support the transfer to daily life.

The Behavioural Interventions Recognition Committee at the Ministry of Justice has officially recognised the intervention Grip on Aggression as a treatment programme for people with MID and aggressive (criminal) behaviour. 

GoA treatment modules:

  • Identifying emotions 1 and 2 (Psychomotor Therapy and Drama therapy)
  • Identifying thoughts/ cognitions
  • Problem analyses
  • Regulation of anger and aggression 1 and 2
  • Relapse Prevention

The treatment program is suitable for clients who needs support in the area of aggression (reduction, prevention). An inclusion criterion is that clients must follow the program for at least 1 year of clinical treatment or 30 weeks of outpatient treatment. Inclusion criteria and exclusion criteria are described in the program instructions.

Executive Party 

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