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2015-43: Treatment of sexual misconduct in clients with MID (Call 2015-43)

Target group

The module was developed for the outpatient treatment of adult clients with an  MID (IQ 60-85) in combination with reduced social adaptability, who display or have displayed misconduct and have a moderate or high risk of recidivism.

Watch your limit

Every year, a large number of clients with an MID who display sexual misconduct are registered for treatment at various forensic care providers. Within the outpatient forensic care, it is therefore important that a specific, effective treatment offer is made available for this target group. The underlying problems of the target group are very diverse. Despite the differences, however, the same general dynamic criminogenic risk factors exist. This is why the treatment focusses on these risk factors for sexual misconduct. The developers of this project have developed a treatment intervention that is broadly applicable and is also aimed at strengthening protective factors. The treatment focusses on sexual misconduct that is related to some psychosexual problems, such as hypersexuality and/or criminal paraphilia, sexual interests in children or interests in forced sex.

Application and effect

The treatment intervention ‘Watch your limit’ tries to eliminate current sexual misconduct and reduce the risk of future recidivism. The intervention uses a cognitive behavioural approach and the structural use of practical exercises that can be adapted to the learning style of the client. With the completion of this project, a treatment intervention will become available for the outpatient treatment of sexual misconduct in clients with an MID. This intervention is already being used within various institutions of De Waag. The intervention has also been submitted to the Commission for the Recognition of Behavioural Interventions at the Justice Department, where the intervention will be assessed for its (proven) effectiveness.

Executive party

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