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2018-85: Sustainable connection (call 2018-85)

Sustainable connection, keeping the connection with forensic patients after treatment by keeping in contact voluntary, is developed and implemented in two institutions for high secure forensic psychiatric care in The Netherlands between 2012 and 2019. In this paper, we describe the foundation of this method of working and the underlying theoretical model, the presence approach. We share our experiences with the implementation in two forensic hospitals and we give suggestions for implementation in other practices. Content and organisational elements of this method of working will be pointed out. Sustainable connection means that the contact that is build up during treatment, will be kept for a certain period after discharge. Implementing this policy, not only involves the period after treatment, but also concerns parts of the clinical treatment itself: the influence of sustainable connection affects the full spectrum of the primary process. Implementing this policy therefore should be the result of a fundamental choice. Two important factors for success were found:1) this policy is not a trick, or an intervention ‘on its own’, it can only work effectively when it is part of a broader treatment philosophy; 2) implementing this policy, must be in line with other aspects of the organisation. 

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