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2013-6: Recovery-supporting interventions for patients with a psychotic disorder (Call 2013-6A)

Target group

Forensic psychiatric patients with psychotic disorders, primarily aimed at patients staying in a clinical setting, but also usable for patients in an outpatient forensic psychiatric context.

The prepared report

Recovery-supporting care should contribute to a valuable life and the fulfilment of meaningful roles. Support for general functioning and functioning in societal roles is part of this. If possible, the patient's environment is actively involved. When it comes to the treatment of forensic patients with psychotic disorders, however, there appeared to be insufficient knowledge about effective recovery support (treatment) interventions. This project describes the current state of affairs in the field of rehabilitation and recovery of forensic psychiatric patients with psychotic disorders, offering practical guidance for recovery support treatment interventions. The Care Programme for Psychotic Disorders (EFP 2012) was used as the starting point of this development. This report assessed which effective recovery-supporting treatment interventions were already available for this specific target group. The interventions were also scored for a number of factors. We have included interventions that: 
(a) encourage empowerment and self-management,
(b) involve the family and social environment in the treatment and integration into society,
(c) focus on the living and working situation (intramural/extramural) and
(d) focus on experiential expertise and peer groups.

Application and effects

Following this report, a follow-up call was issued in 2016, in which the implementers were asked to draw up a practical action protocol for the practical application of this recovery-supporting care line (in treatments). This call, which translates the results into practically applicable action points (Call 2016-6B) has now been completed. 

Executive party

The Woenselse Poort, in cooperation with Altrecht