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2014-14: Quality Network FPA (Call 2013-14)

The official target audience was forensic psychiatric department (FPD), but the methodology of the quality network is generally applicable for the whole clinical forensic setting.

Within this project we worked on making, testing and implementing a quality network within the clinical forensic setting in the Netherlands. The methodology for the quality network is based on the 'Quality Network for Forensic Mental Health Services' that is used in England by the College Center for Quality Improvement. The goal of the quality network is to compare and learn from each other in a structured manner, so that working in the forensic healthcare sector can be brought to a higher level. The quality network uses a cyclical process and starts with the formulation of standards that are considered as important. Based on these standards each participating FPD completes a self-review, after which a review team (consisting of associates of fellow FPD’s and patient reviewers) visits the FPD. During this visit the review team is searching for pearls (things that go very well in the institution) and oysters (things that are still difficult, where they want to work on) which results in an report for each organization. Based on these reports a general national report is drafted, and a national meeting follows. The aim of this meeting is to share best practices, jointly search for solutions and determine new standards.

The past years the sector co-worked on a description about how the ideal FPD should look. Based on this document an advice was formed for four themes (care programme risk management, security and outflow). These advices formed the input to formulate a set of standards. Focus point of phase 1 were the translation of the English method for the Dutch situation and formulating the set of standards. During this phase a pilot study was performed with six FPD’s including a process evaluation. In phase 2 a digital platform (KNAPP) became available. With this platform FPD associates and participating FPD’s could find each other online and pearls and oysters could be shared and discussed. This resulted in a valuable platform for sharing forensic knowledge. During this phase the second and third cycle of the Quality Network were concluded. Focus point of phase 3 were research on the effect of participating the Quality Network and a feasibility study to the potential of the Quality Network.

Following the successful deployment of the Quality Network FPD, three other Quality Networks started: Quality Network De Borg, Quality Network Forensic Addiction Care and Quality Network Forensic Psychiatric Centre/Clinics.