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2015-44: Know What You Can Do E-Module (Call 2015-44)

Target group

Clients with Mild Intellectual Disability (IQ range from 50/55 to 70) who end up in the criminal justice system due to inappropriate behaviour, or are at risk of ending up there. 

Psychoeducation as an e-module

Previously, in response to Call 2013-3, KFX has developed the psychoeducation module ‘Know What You Can Do’. In this module, clients are educated about their MID and made aware of the risk they run, as a result of their MID, of 'getting into trouble' and the ways to reduce that risk. The module also pays a lot of attention to their strengths, which can help them to increase their self-confidence. The module focuses explicitly (also) on daily counsellors and loved ones, who play an important supporting role for people with MID. 
In this project, this psychoeducation has been further developed into an e-module. In general, an e-module has several advantages: it increases the accessibility of care, and it gives the patient (a greater sense of) control over their treatment. Research also shows that patients who work online on their treatment attribute the success of the treatment more to their own efforts than to the practitioner. The modules can be completed at their own pace (and at any time), are easy to refer to afterwards, and can be followed with the trainer. The use of videos and cartoon illustrations make the module accessible and attractive. 

Application and effect

Trajectum tested the use of the e-module in practice. The clients were questioned about the experience and user-friendliness of this e-module. The survey shows that the clients like the way of working, they experience a greater sense of control, and the trainer/practitioner is there to help them. Good training is important for the use of the (e-)module, and there is also e-learning support in the form of an instruction video (Dutch only). In the video, some of the clients tell their story, they talk about the role of their MID in their lives and how the module has helped them to deal with their disabilities.

Executive party

Trajectum and Transfore, in cooperation with Minddistrict

Finished Product

Click here for the hardcopy version of the module and the card set (in Dutch) The
e-module is available through the e-health platform at Minddistrict and is currently incorporated into Karify.