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2013-15: Handling aggression (Call 2013-15)

Target group

Patients with aggression issues.

The intervention

Every year, a large number of clients with (serious) aggression problems are registered with various forensic care providers. Clients who commit (serious) violent crimes often suffer from psychiatric disorders and comorbidity. They will benefit from an effective care programme that uses cognitive behavioural therapeutic techniques based on rehabilitation theory and the RNR model. The focus of this product is mainly on aggression regulation, cognitive restructuring, learning problem-solving skills related to dealing with difficult situations, relaxation skills, and improving executive functions, including especially improving self-regulation in general.

Ambulant & intramural

The outpatient variant of this intervention is a further development of the behavioural intervention ‘AR op Maat 24+ Ambulant’. The AR24+ is based on the recognised intervention ‘AR op Maat Ambulant voor adolescenten’. The theoretical manual of this intervention is geared to the presence of an antisocial personality disorder and the presence of specific criminogenic risk factors as a result of this disorder, making the programme is also suitable for the more severe cases of the target group.

The clinical variant is a further development of the behavioural intervention ‘Held zonder geweld’/ ‘AR op Maat 18+ Intramuraal’. In the development of this intervention, parts of ‘Held zonder Geweld’ whether or not in an adapted form, are offered as a group module. In addition, a set of standard and optional modules is offered individually or in small groups (parts of the AR24+). This offer can be tailored to the client's problems.

The Behavioural Interventions Recognition Committee of the Ministry of Justice has officially recognised ‘AR op Maat’ as an effective treatment programme.

The Judicial Interventions Recognition Committee has officially recognised the outpatient version of ‘AR op Maat’ as an effective treatment programme. On 28 March 2018, the intervention was recognised by the Judicial Interventions Recognition Committee as ‘Well Substantiated’ for a period of five years.   

Executive party 

De Waag and Het Dok (Kijvelanden)