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2016-54: Empowered working on safety within social care facilities (Call 2016-54)

Target group

Employees within social care facilities (MO) who work with forensic clients.

Empowered working on safety within social care facilities

An inventory of social care facilities (KFZ Pre-call 2015-40 Dutch only) has shown that there is room for improvement regarding the empowered working on safety within social care facilities. In recent years, there have been a number of serious incidents within social care facilities (MO). The employees of social care facilities have therefore expressed a great need for support in creating more safety for the guidance and housing of (forensic) clients. In practice, employees experience a certain tension between on the one hand supporting and supervising clients, and on the other hand the need to control and apply sanctions if and when they experience unsafe situations. More specifically, there is a need to understand how employees can be powerful, without unnecessarily switching to control measures and applying coercion and force to guarantee safety. This study examines which factors are important for creating the safest possible living environment that optimises the chances of successful resocialisation.

There is also a workbook that offers tools to promote safety and increases the chances of socialisation when working with clients with forensic or similar problems. The workbook provides an in-depth and theoretical background to the shorter action protocol. The action protocol lists all practical action advice from the workbook.

Executive party

HVO Querido in cooperation with Leiden University of Applied Sciences