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2014-36: E-learning module HKT-R en HCR-20V3 (Call 2014-36/37)

Target group

This e-learning module has been developed primarily for and is aimed at practitioners who are required to use the risk assessment instruments as part of the treatment.

E-learning careful risk assessment HKT-R and HCR-20V3

The instruments HKT30-R and HCR20-V3 have been made mandatory for the risk assessment of clinical patients in forensic care as of January 1st, 2015. The e-learning module has been developed to meet the training needs of practitioners with regard to the use of the instruments. The module focuses on general knowledge of risk assessment in forensic psychiatric patients, so the basic knowledge of risk assessment is first presented. Both instruments (as well as the changes that have been made concerning the older versions of the instruments) are presented below. Their scoring is also indicated. 

Application and effect

The e-learning module provides a general introduction or introduction to risk assessment and is aimed at preparing healthcare professionals for the (adapted) instruments that are used in practice. The module offers case studies in the form of short videos with practical situations so that the practitioner can practice applying the risk assessment. In addition to this module, it is recommended to follow the developers' face-to-face training to gain experience in scoring the instruments.  

Executive party

GGZ-Ecademy, in cooperation with the developers of the HKT-R and the Dutch version of the HCR-20V3.

Finished Product

The e-learning module is available through the GGZ-Ecademy platform. (Dutch only)