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2014-30: E-health: GRIP app (Call 2014-30)

Target group

Forensic psychiatric patients who suffer from (serious) aggression issues and who have only limited impulse control skills and/or an inadequate level of impulse control.

Good Reaction Is Prevention - GRIP app

The ‘Good Reaction is Prevention’ app, or GRIP app, focusses on two objectives: identifying and learning to recognise stress and anger on the one hand and monitoring and learning to manage these feelings on the other. Using two so-called 'biomarkers', the stress level of the client is detected by measuring the heart rate via a wristband or watch, and the degree of anger is measured using the voice volume via a sound sensor in the smartphone. The client can choose to be alerted via a signal from the smartphone if the measurements exceed the predetermined (individually adjustable) limits. This allows the client to reflect on the situation in time. The second objective, monitoring and learning to control these feelings, is supported by an identification and safety plan to regulate the level of stress and anger. Part of this is the toolbox that consists of exercises or games that are aimed at reducing stress and anger, learning to control impulses and improving control skills. For example, a client can do exercises to learn to relax, regulate breathing or focus attention. The exercises can be adapted to each client’s individual situation.

Executive party

De Waag