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2014-27: Blended module for relational violence (Call 2014-27)

Target group

Patients/clients who are registered with forensic psychiatry in connection with relational violence.


Approximately half of the Dutch population has "ever" had to deal with unpleasant events or incidents in their domestic environment. This makes domestic violence the most common form of violence in Dutch society. This online module has been developed to be used in the treatment of relational violence, violence between partners. A distinction can be made between symmetrical violence (escalations without the intention of controlling or damaging the other) and complementary violence (intimate terrorism; to control the other). Relational violence often arises in the dynamics between partners. Therefore, it is also important to treat couples rather than just the "offenders". In addition to the fact that offender treatments are hardly effective, these treatments often forget to discuss the role of the partner. Based on the Intervention Mapping protocol, the following online module has been developed: “Violence in your relationship”. The module is not a stand-alone programme but is used within the currently available treatment of domestic violence. Blended care aims to link e-health and face-to-face treatments. The module describes a care path as an example of the use of blended care.  The attached manual contains an extensive substantiation of the online module. Five interviews showed that the online module was well received by professionals. The online module enables the client to read everything once more at home and offers the professional a guideline to use a consistently good treatment. Despite the positive feedback from the professionals, the planned cost-effectiveness study could not be carried out, because the implementation of the online module is challenging. This is partly due to changes in the care landscape and referrals, but institutions also must be given sufficient time and space to implement e-health. All in all, this project has resulted in an innovative blended treatment offering: “Violence in your relationship”.

Executive party

GGZ NHN, Lentis, Dimence groep and Minddistrict